Services & Projects

  • Intertoll Europe is an independent company not tied to any equipment supplier. Our expertise is focused on providing the most suitable project specific equipment to satisfy the requirements of the client.
  • Intertoll Europe as both equipment supplier and operator eliminates an often problematic interface and will always provide the project company or client with an indemnity against claims from the operator in respect of equipment performance.
  • Intertoll Europe can present optimum solutions to motorway management challenges that satisfy both the users and the investors based on the local knowledge, experience and network of international experts employed.
  • Intertoll Europe undertakes specialist equipment supply projects either directly to the client or project company or through a nominated sub contract to the contractor.
SGS ISO 9001 with UKAS TCL 100 SGS ISO 14001 with UKAS TCL 100 SGS OHSAS 45001 TCL SGS ISO/IEC 27001 TCL 100