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Operations and Maintenance remains the core business of Intertoll Europe in processing 2.5 million vehicles per week, 24 hours per day, and managing over 1,000km of motorway worldwide.


Intertoll Europe has developed an accredited integrated management system compliant to the requirements of:
  • ISO 9001:2015             quality management system
  • ISO 14001:2015           environmental management system
  • ISO 45001:2020     occupational health and safety management system
  • ISO 27001:2013           information security management system


Intertoll Europe recruits, trains and therefore retains the best local talent available in the countries in which it operates, reducing reliance on expatriate personnel and enabling Intertoll to provide more cost effective operations to clients.


  • Risks and responsibilities allocated to the party best equipped to effectively manage that risk;
  • Decisions on the detailed design are undertaken at an early stage that optimise the returns of the project company;
    Procedures are in place for risk management that facilitate the identification, management and mitigation of risk. This ongoing process results in project specific risk analyses prepared on the basis of a wealth of documented experience to the benefit of clients and users.
SGS ISO 9001 with UKAS TCL 100 SGS ISO 14001 with UKAS TCL 100 SGS OHSAS 45001 TCL SGS ISO/IEC 27001 TCL 100